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Year of the black tear
years past
Reaching 100 at last
A pure drop of Christianity’s innocence tainted by the green sword
Horrific deeds, defying the love teachings by the Lord
Shadows of memories and future worries hunting us all
From the bottom to the top of the universal wall
Martyrs made choices of faith,
and did not take the demonic bait
Remained alive,
but not living
bodies lost,
while souls rewarded eternity,
all thru the Christian identity
My blood, oh my blood
I, a martyr, victim and survivor in one
All this just because of believing in Jesus, God's beloved son
If my blood could speak words, would you dare to listen?
Or would you keep on staying inside the denial prison?
Our mouths remain the channel to such history.
In pain, shame, pride or victory.
I am,
you are,
we are
t h e m
Today is still 1915
Peace is nowhere to be seen
The room is silent
But drip drip drops within sounding
Souls almost drowning
In tears,
black tears
After all these years
True love is the sun that will dry and wipe all this away
And invite Peace to not occasionally visit,
but to forever stay

Published at ”Genocide 1915 Conference” in Jerusalem, 15/1 2015
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